Choose a colour and try your luck to multiply your BTC up to ten-fold. You can participate in the rounds up to three times per day.
The minimum stake in the Roller is 0.00001000 BTC.
No, once your bet is in the system you cannot cancel it.
Yes, you can bet as many times as you want during an active round.


FreeRoll is a completely free service where you can win BTC units automatically every day by making a roll.
Depending on your rank you will be eligible for different prizes. You can win between 0.00000100 BTC and 1 BTC.
To unblock the ranks you must have first-level affiliates. The ranks are as follows:
CLOVER: 0 Affiliates necessary, you can win 0.00000100 BTC/per Roll.
COPPER: 20 Affiliates necessary, you can win 0.00000250 BTC/per Roll.
SILVER: 40 Affiliates necessary, you can win 0.00001000 BTC/per Roll.
GOLD: 60 Affiliates necessary, you can win 0,001 BTC/per Roll.
PLATINUM: 70 Affiliates necessary, you can win 0.05 BTC/per Roll.
DIAMOND: 100 Affiliates necessary, you can win 1 BTC/per Roll.
You can roll every 24 hours.
You can multiply the BTCs won in a Roll by participating in the Roller or you can withdraw them once you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount.


Share your affiliate link and get other users to register on the platform through it. You can see your list of affiliates on the 5 levels in the Affiliates section.
You will earn unlimited commissions every time one of your affiliates makes a roll. The higher the rank your affiliates have the bigger the commissions you are eligible for.
You can see all the commissions corresponding to your affiliates in your transaction history. These commissions are added to your balance automatically.


The minimum deposit amount is 0.00050000 BTC.
No, you will receive the exact amount that you deposit in the payment gateway.
Depending on the speed of the blockchain network, deposits may take up to 1 hour to process.


The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00030000 BTC.
Yes, a fee of 1.5% the withdrawal amount is applied.
Withdrawals will be processed as quickly as possible, depending on the number of simultaneous withdrawals it can take up to 24 hours to process.
To withdraw your funds from the platform you only need to reach the minimum withdrawal amount and have participated at least once in the Roller.